"Where were you for my first two births?! I would never birth without you again!" 

​- Andrea G

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May 17, 2017
Recommendation for Jenn Goodwin, Doula Jenn

 My husband and I hired Jenn Goodwin to support us with the birth of our first daughter Claire.  She was born in April 2017 at the Foothills Hospital.  Jenn was always available to talk about our pregnancy and provided compassionate care and support throughout the pregnancy and birth of our daughter.

  Jenn took the time to get to know our family, concerns and birth wishes.  We felt like she listened to our needs and was able to provide personalized support.  I was quite anxious about labor and delivery and also experienced some medical anxiety with the possible procedures that may need to happen during the birth.  Jenn frequently texted or called to check in with us, it was helpful to talk with her about our upcoming birth.  She was always positive about the birth process and offered information and resources to help put my mind at ease and to allow us to have all the information when making medical decisions.

 When the time came for labor Jenn called to check in and joined us at our home first as soon as we were ready, and then followed us to the hospital.  My husband and I found her calming and supportive throughout our labor and delivery.  She helped reassure us that it everything was progressing, healthy and normal.  Jenn offered suggestions for comfort techniques and encouraging words to help my husband support me and was there to be a second set of hands when needed.  During our delivery, she was reassuring and reminded us of the information she shared when we needed to make  decisions.

 Jenn stayed with us to offer support during the first feeding and until we were comfortable and made it to the post-partum room.  She also checked in on us through text, phone and visits after we got home to offer support for our family as we bonded. 

 We are grateful for Jenn’s support and care for the birth of Claire and would highly recommend her to support other families with their pregnancies and births.


Tara & Nolan J