Postpartum Support 

Bringing home a new baby can be quite the adventure for new parents! Whether this is your first time or more, in-home support during those first weeks can be invaluable for new parents. Postpartum support can include additional breastfeeding help, newborn care lessons (swaddling, diapering, bathing) or can even even be a way for you to get some additional rest while your new little one is well cared for. 

Please contact me for packages and availability. 

Birth Doula Package 

Private Childbirth Education ​

Busy? Group classes not your thing?

I am able to customize a childbirth education program for you in your home, or mine. We will cover pregnancy, labour and delivery, breastfeeding and newborn care. Classes will be tailored to your unique situation like VBAC, multiples, midwifery birth or planned cesarean birth.

  •   A complimentary “meet-and-greet”.

  •  24/7 on call labour support from the moment of hire. No on call window. 

  • One 2 hour prenatal visit to learn pregnancy and childbirth basics, relaxation skills and help writing your birth wish list.

  • One 2 hour prenatal visit to focus on newborn and breastfeeding preparation.

  • Additional in person support as needed throughout your pregnancy.

  •  Unlimited support via phone, e-mail and text from pregnancy to postpartum.

  •  Support laboring at home before moving to your birth location (if desired).

  •  Continuous support for you and your birth team during your labor with a second doula available for long labors (ie: over 24 hours).

  • Pictures of your labour and delivery if the situation allows (if desired) .

  • 2 hours of postpartum support after the birth of your baby including help with initial breastfeeding (if applicable). 

  • One postpartum visit within a week of your birth to ensure you and your partner are adjusting well and there are no issues with breastfeeding (if applicable).